Dining at La Bergerie

Best products of the market
Gourmet meal
Provence terroir
Theme evenings, weddings, birthday

OurGuest Table

Delicious menu dinner under advance booking only

Our table on reservation holds a large place in our house. Indeed, after having cooked in restaurants for more than 30 years with the corresponding constraints, we decided to manage this house to regain the pleasure of cooking for friends.

A fixed menu for all the guests served according to the days at the common table or in individual tables. Theme meals, sometimes all inclusive, sometimes with the choice of drinks in addition. A rather French cuisine by Bertrand and Indian by Kesaram, served on the terrace or in a dedicated room.

BBQ parties, buffets, tasting meals, or simple convivial dinners.


The program will be provided in advance in order to let you make your choice and reserve your covers. You can also tell us your wishes that we will then propose to other residents. It is also possible to privatize the house to organize any type of parties, such as weddings, grouping of friends and themed weekends.